About Clothes Encounters

Welcome to Clothesencounters.co.uk 

Celebrating 70 years of UFOlogy!

Working with artists from all over the world, we aim to bring you unique and custom made items not seen anywhere else with worldwide shipping!

We aim to be the biggest and best website for all things UFO and Paranormal.

Our website is a collaboration of artists worldwide with a passion and love for Ufology and the paranormal in it’s many forms, we will be adding more items for sale constantly so please do check back with us for totally unique items from ClothesEncounters.co.uk !

We will soon be adding a video upload area where you, the public, can send us your home videos, whether it be of UFO’s, paranormal activity or other strange sightings or stories, we welcome them all here at Clothesencounters and we will be more than happy to look at them for you.

Please do not send us any videos that are already on other sites, we are only interested in new, genuine unique footage , you never know, you may even feature on our front page!

The video upload area is coming soon so stay tuned and if you have any stories you wish to send us in the mean time, feel free and message us here

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