Paranormal and mysteries

Paranormal videos, ghost sightings and more.

There is and has been, a lot of strange phenomena that some people just do not understand, here we will try to highlight some stories that just cannot be explained by normal means.

We will soon be inviting you, the public, to send evidence of your paranormal experiences, whether UFO, ghostly or other wise, we would like to see it and if it merits investigation, it will be shown here for all to see.

If you do have any video footage, photographs or stories of interest, please do send them to us, we would be more than happy to look at them.

In the meantime, here are a few videos of weird places and strange goings on that you might find interesting, true or faked, who knows but good to watch all the same!

Strange places that you cannot visit!

The strange but famous Hessdalen lights

10 of the strangest photos ever taken

Creepy ghost sightings caught on tape.