Magical engraved ring


Handmade hand engraved copper ring


           The symbols on this ring are engraved by hand. The are based on the „Universal Tongue”, a language used by most extraterrestrial civilizations capable of interstellar travel. The knowledge of this universal language starts activating itself among some representatives of a civilization which first enters its space age, to later open up in the minds of more and more of its citizens.


            This language lies at the base of existence and describes all that is, as it is the language of the God Creator. Knowledge of this language is deeply embedded in every single soul He created, as it is the primal tongue originating from the Source. The process of this language activating among representatives of a race which is ready to make contact with other cosmic civilizations is something common in the Universe. God cleverly arranged for all of us to be fundamentally capable of communicating with other races.


            The people of Earth are currently at the early stages of space travel, which is why the Universal Tongue is beginning to awaken inside some of us. I am one of those gifted with this knowledge and decided to use the power carried by these symbols to help some people broaden their perspective of reality. These rings are quite unique, as I believe nobody else makes them. I don’t make too many of them either since I am not able to discover the right symbols for every single person interested. To do so, I enter a meditative state and to see what symbols are most adequate, which requires a lot of effort and plenty of energy.


            In this meditation I see the symbols which are meant to be engraved into each specific ring. They are supposed to have a subtle effect on the subconscious mind of the wearer to help him or her evolve their understanding of themselves and all of creation. In other words, these rings help people remove their blindfolds and open their eyes to reality more and more.


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